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Commercial & Industrial

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Electrod UK specialise in installing and commissioning Car Chargers for Electric and Hybrid cars. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers have installed and commissioned many Car Chargers, in Car Parks and around Sites. With the Electrical Vehicle Industry becoming more popular, Electrod UK want to give the opportunity for businesses to provide a charging point for Electric and Hybrid car owners. Each Car Charger is bespoke to fit the needs and wants of the end user, as Electrod UK has a wide range of charging points supplied by Europe's largest Car Charger manufacturers


Electrod UK install and commission Car Chargers for owners who charge their Electric and Hybrid cars at home. This saves the hassle of trying to find charging points, or waiting for a charger to become free to use. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers will install and commission your very own bespoke car charger to fit your needs, at a time that suits you.  All of our charging points have been tested, certified and approved, to give you peace of mind

Environmental Benefits

Our Electric Chargers come with many Environmental Benefits, helping companies and homes to grow cleanly, by reducing carbon and fuel emissions. Our car chargers come with fitted LED Lights reducing energy costs, carbon emissions and maintenance costs. Electric and Hybrid cars have proven to be beneficial to the environment and the most cost effective route to achieving environmental results

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